Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giveaway - Snowmen on Paper and the Pea

I created a zillion of these little guys. Ok maybe not a zillion. I created about 8 of them for my little cousins and sisters. :D I like most little things that show up together. Like having a bunch of these guys is super cute. I do not like things such as little black dots a.k.a. ants though. :D The backstory. Little cloud lost one of her squinkies. Prince Eric. And since I've been crocheting again she asked me to make her one. Her prince Eric pretty much looks like a snowman except I drew hair on his head and I didn't stuff him. :D You however can win a pair of these cute little guys over at Paper and Pea!


jannet nguyen said...

Those are soo adorable! Any chance of a how to guide? I have tons of yarn and want to put them to good use!Thank you in advance!!

bunzi said...

Yes will try to post one to after the giveaway! Stay tuned!

reta said...

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