Monday, November 30, 2009

5 months

  • she turned 5 months 2 days ago. :)
  • she can still only roll from tummy to back. now she lifts up her arms and falls to the side. she'll definitely cry when she can't turn.
  • she has discovered her toes and loves to chomp on them.
  • we started the 90 minute sleep solution naps program with her. she naps better 1-2 hours. recently though she has had three 4 a.m. awakenings.
  • we got the ergobaby carrier. she has been napping in it. so i'm walking my weight off as a side effect. :)
  • she has eczema. it was on her liitle cheeks. we've been using aquaphor.
  • she seems more attached to me than ever.
  • she still hates car rides for the most part but has fallen asleep a few times.
  • i officially became a sahm during this period.
  • she loves to scratch (her head, the wall, legs, play pen).
  • she started to notice our faces and will poke and pull.
  • she is interested in electronics (lap tops, video camera, phones) i guess everything her parents are interested in.
  • she likes to graze.
  • auntie mushy sees her 3 times a week.
  • she has bitten me with her gums.
  • she talks more.
  • she likes to turn her head upside down.
  • she'll move her head back and forth back and forth. at night and in the daytime.
  • she loves bathtime and will kick w/ a splash. :)


  • i'm currently crocheting her a hat. :) my first real project for her.