Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 months cuter

q: how are you today?

a: you are cute.

4 months cuter...

  • you enjoy looking at your hands

  • you hold your feet

  • you roll from your tummy to your back almost immediately avoiding tummy time

  • you squeal

  • you'll hold on to papa's thumb and pinkie when he waves them in front of you

  • you know where i am and will turn to the correct side while laying

  • your nai nai says she loves you as much as she loves papa

  • you can scratch your own little head

  • you look all over the room

  • you seem so curious

  • you babble a lot with your fingers in your mouth

  • you communicate differently: crying, talking and squealing when tired. shaking, eyes a wide and complaining when hungry.
  • your neck is stronger
  • when you hold both feet, it's fun to hold you cause you are a little bundle.

my love for you increases with every day. i'm excited to see you grow and learn.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

100 days old

100 days
100 days of diapers
100 days of milk
100 days of 'wipe her'
You are a 100 days old
100 more years of greatness
So I'm told
100 days with cries
100 days with laughter
100 days with smiles
You are a 100 days old
100 more years of greatness
So I'm told
  • My mother in law told us to take pictures of lil cloud in her birthday suit when she turns 100 days old. This means there will be 100 more years of greatness so I'm told. :)