Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4 months cuter

q: how are you today?

a: you are cute.

4 months cuter...

  • you enjoy looking at your hands

  • you hold your feet

  • you roll from your tummy to your back almost immediately avoiding tummy time

  • you squeal

  • you'll hold on to papa's thumb and pinkie when he waves them in front of you

  • you know where i am and will turn to the correct side while laying

  • your nai nai says she loves you as much as she loves papa

  • you can scratch your own little head

  • you look all over the room

  • you seem so curious

  • you babble a lot with your fingers in your mouth

  • you communicate differently: crying, talking and squealing when tired. shaking, eyes a wide and complaining when hungry.
  • your neck is stronger
  • when you hold both feet, it's fun to hold you cause you are a little bundle.

my love for you increases with every day. i'm excited to see you grow and learn.


sunnie fairy said...

aw! sounds like mommy is in love. :]

mushroommeadows said...

it's true...when she holds her feet, it feels like you're holding a little ball of cuteness :) happy 4 months baby!

babalisme said...

..sigh...4 months is the cutest baby period...I miss my daughter's 4 months baby phase, now she would run anywhere and doesn't have the time or interest to hold my pinkie..enjoy this while it lasts!

Megan Coyle said...

cute :) and what a sweet post!!

Andrea Rooks said...

So precious!

Rachael Rabbit said...

aren't the little ones just great!