Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A month

Our little cloud turns a month today. :)

My little jesture
"Rainbow eyes"

  • I love staring at her.

  • She makes the most darling faces.

  • She often grabs a tuff of her hair as she feeds.

  • She'll usually cry when waking up out of confusion and hunger.

  • She'll make a little trumpet sound as she stretches out.

  • Mushy meadows has coined her smile as "rainbow eyes".

  • When I hold her she almost always tries to eat my arm.

  • She seems curious always looking about.

  • She feeds often.

  • She pooed on papa's hand last week.

  • She starts to jiggle and dance and sometimes looks up to me when she wants to eat in the middle of the night.

  • She seems to recognize my voice and will ligthen up when I speak.

  • Her cord fell out on the 17th.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Feeding marathon


Chomp in the morning
Chomp at night
You chomped when everything
Was going alright.

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp
Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp

We thought we had everything
figured out but then you started
to kick and pout

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp
Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp

Finally put hubby and baby to sleep. We haven't napped since 9 this morning. Baby was on a feeding marathon. Not sure what is wrong exactly. We are currently breastfeeding and supplementing w/ formula. We had a nice little pattern going for the past couple days. Then today I thought maybe my breast milk will be enough for baby since she spit up the last formula feeding. But this began a long day of right, left, right left, baby sleeping, put baby down, baby wakes up, left, right ...etc. Worried for her. Off to bed now. If you have any advice do tell. :) Thanks.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing ....

Currently typing with one hand. Speculation regarding end of baby watch 2009 was correct. :) Little Serene Cloud (translated meaning) was born on day 13 @ 1:36 A.M. weighing 7.2 pounds. Water broke naturally @ 8:00 A.M on the previous day. Long labor process. Unfortunately the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Little cloud was fortunately though healthy and that's all that matters. :) More details to come.
P.S. Life is not yet serene but filled of joy.